Increase your response, profits and control with StuartDM.

Creative, Profitable Direct Mail Campaigns

Stuart DM develops direct campaigns that beat controls and repeat profitably multiple times. We also provide “pre-built” direct mail and email creative executions designed to be quick and easy to launch that generate outstanding response and profit contributions. (One pre-built has been mailed profitably by a client over 20 times.) These “pre-built” are an excellent source of variety to offset ad fatigue on house lists or to boost revenues and profits with incremental campaigns.

Advertising Effectiveness

Your advertising creative will become more effective guided by our Ad PowerLIFT service that measures advertising creative execution and improves it to increase your advertising response rates. The service objectively measures and scores an ad on a research-based model of 17-key characteristics that drive response. The ad’s strategy, copy and art are measured for quality of execution against each characteristic. Then, based on the ad’s scores, recommended improvements are made for each characteristic to generate higher response.

NCOA Service

We make NCOA processing easy and timely for your organization.

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  • NCOA Update

Our sister site  click here provides the full service of extracting a copy your records from your database, NCOA processing to find changes of address and then updating your database with the changes. The benefit is your addresses are always ready to mail at the lowest postage possible and contact records are always accurate.

Profit Smart P&L planning

Creating and managing direct marketing more profitably begins and ends with the Income Statement. When you use our Profit Smart DM planning software every cost factor in running a direct marketing business or campaign is factored in for “no surprises” later. This coupled with our years of experience across hundreds and hundreds of campaigns dramatically increases your potential for success.

Email Services

Stuart DM maintains private cloud email servers and provides two-way integration with your customer database. No longer is it difficult to capture email changes back into your in house database. Pre-built templates provide all forms of emails: trigger-based, announcements, newsletters, win-backs, surveys, etc. Campaigns are self-service or StuartDM managed.

Targeting & Analytics

List Targeting: The Stuart DM RFM Scoring and Selection Process is a very powerful list selection technique designed to evaluate all potential customers and identify which are the most likely to respond. The system calibrates to precise P&L forecasts; a cornerstone of profitable measured marketing.
Modeling and Analytics: Powerful data analytics that provide insights in to your best customers and tools to find more that look just like them.