Raise your response rate and profits significantly!

The Advertising PowerLIFT model is a service to increase your advertisement’s response rate. The service scores your ad on a research-based model of the 17- key characteristics that drive up response. The scoring objectively measures your ad’s strategy, copy and art on each characteristic for the strength of execution. The scoring and our written analysis and improvement recommendations then guide changes to your ad’s creative to generate higher response.

Higher Responses Brings Even Higher Profits

The remarkable benefit of stronger advertising—and higher response—is the even higher increase in profits it brings. This is because the advertising expense stays level. This 100,000-piece circulation comparison shows how. Except for the response, everything is the same for all three scenarios: $60,000 advertising expense, $300 average sales order value and $80 order margin excluding (or before deducting) advertising expense. Scenario 1 is the ad results before Ad PowerLIFT. Scenarios 2 and 3 are after Ad PowerLIFT strengthening increases the response 25% and 100%.

Scenario1 Before Advertising PowerLIFT2 After Advertising PowerLIFT3 After Advertising PowerLIFT
ResponseBaseline25% Response Increase100% Response Increase
Order Sales Value$300.00$300.00$300.00
Costs Per Order Excluding Advertising$220.00$220.00$220.00
Margin Excluding Advertising$80.00$80.00$80.00
Advertising Expense$60,000.$60,000.$60,000.
Response Rate1.0% (Ten orders per thousand)1.25% (12.5 orders per thousand)2.0% (20 orders per thousand)
Advertising Cost Per Order$60.00$48.00$30.00
Profit Contribution Per Order$20.00$32.00$50.00
Profit Contribution$20,000$40,000$100,000
Profit Increase Over Baseline100%500%

The Advertising PowerLIFT Model

The Advertising PowerLIFT model is based on over 3 years of research and hundreds of references. The references analyzed include advertising effectiveness studies, professional journals, text books, and classic works in creating successful direct response. The minds behind the works include legendary experts like David Ogilvy and William Bernbach. Plus contemporary experts like Thomas Collins and Bob Bly. The research and analysis distilled the hundreds of references to the 17-key traits, or unique characteristics that drive response.

Assembling this knowledge on your own would take many months, or even years, of dedicated work and tens of thousands of dollars. Advertising PowerLIFT saves you that time and effort to help increase your ad’s response rates right away.

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