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Increase Response & Sales

StuartDM developed Ad PowerLift, a proprietary scoring system to measure a direct response page or advertisement strength for creating response. Stronger advertising creates higher response. We’ve scored ads for improvement including those of GEICO and dozens of other major marketers.

We also provide specialized direct mail formats proven for response and profit generation.

Profit Control

Profit Smart DM is our campaign planning software designed specifically for measuring every single cost factor in a campaign or business that sells by direct response. Front end response is only part of the equation for profitable sales. StuartDM knows every factor affecting profit generation to help you control and increase your campaign or business top and bottom line results.

Advanced List Selection

The StuartDM RFM list selection system ranks your customers on Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value of previous purchases. This ranking sorts the list into 125 cells based on RFM rank top down. This provides a consistent, systematic methodology for selecting customers to mail and accurately forecasting response results.

P&L Know How

Creating and managing direct marketing more profitably begins and ends with the Income Statement. We know every moving part of financially successful direct marketing. Using our Profit Smart DM planning software – with our years of experience across hundreds of campaigns, businesses and models – tied to the RFM list scoring and selection system dramatically increases profits and success.

NCOA Services

We provide comprehensive list services for profitable direct mail. This includes NCOA – National Change of Address Processing to lower cost and improve mail delivery. Duplicate Elimination. Data Hygiene. Data appending like email, demographics, phone numbers. Customer demographic profiling. Modeling. Customer Cloning.

Email Services

Email is arguably the most cost effective channel for direct marketing. We go further and provide two way email integration – out of and back into – your customer database with StuartDM private cloud email services. We provide pre-built templates for all forms of communication (newsletters, announcements, surveys, trigger based follow ups, etc). Campaigns can be self service or StuartDM managed.


  • How do I know this? Because I watched him do it.

    Every once in a while you work with someone who has a true gift. Steve Stuart understands how to leverage information to create new opportunities for business growth. This is his gift. How do I know this? Because I watched him do it. He also taught me how to deliver improved return on investment when I served in his start up of the Hunt-Craftmark business. Practicing his methods, we grew the business from zero to over $6 Million in less than two years.

    Paula (Cometto) Milan
    Managing Parrtner, TruStarMarketing.com
  • The Stuart DM program got out best results, ever!

    The direct mail campaign StuartDM created got our best results ever the first time we mailed it. Then we repeated it profitably over 15 times more! It's still going strong.

    Diane Masi
    General Manager (National Supplement Company),
  • Steve Stuart's work made us a stronger company.

    Steve Stuart's work with INetU has made us a stronger company. Steve helped us focus our marketing efforts and spend our money more effectively, on the campaigns that were truly working for us. Working with Steve, we cut our expenses by over 33%, while increasing the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. I give him the highest endorsement.

    Chris Kivlehan
    Vice President, InetU.com,
  • I recommend his work strongly.

    Steve and I have known and worked with each other for over 30 years. A better and more solidly-grounded direct marketer will be hard to find. Steve’s background spans a wide spectrum of industries, all of whom are direct marketers of one type or another. I recommend his work strongly and would be happy to act as a reference.

    Kurt Medina, MedinaAssociates.com

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