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Fast improvements

Stuart DM provides

Quickly improve campaigns

Improve internal methods with a Marketing Audit.

Make campaigns more profitable

Control the campaign and enterprise P&L by controlling the drivers of sales and profit contribution to achieve specific targets.

Raise response rates

Improve the strategy, copy and art in the advertising creative execution to generate higher response rates with Advertising PowerLIFT.

Lower advertising expense

Eliminate weaker non-responding customers from campaigns with list selections by Stuart DM Program Management Services.

Reduce response risk exposure

Cushion the downside exposure of response decreases with Stuart DM Advisory Services.

Increase sales current customers

Advanced Recency, Frequency Monetary (RFM) list selection from Stuart DM improves marketimng roi by contacting better customers.

Future improvements

Stuart DM provides

Reveal the P&L's hidden profit leaks.

Stuart Advisory Services identifies expense areas that are excessive.

Improve all P&L control factors

Stuart Marketing Plan Audit shows all factors that control response, profit contribution and marketing roi.

Lower postage expense

Maximize postage discounts with Stuart DM program management NCOA services.

Eliminate customer contact waste

Sanitize and eliminate dirty data with Stuart DM Program Management Services for more effective and efficient marketing.

Lower email costs and eliminate bottlenecks

Stuart DM Program Management Services provide a private e-mail server lowers costs and eliminates restrictions from identifying legitimate emails as "spam" and applying restrictions. Typically this comes from common services like Constant Contact, Vertical Response, i-Contact and other shared services.

Identify Opportunities

Stuart DM provides

Create new sales programs

Stuart provides proven high-profit campaigns  ready to mail in 30 days with prebuilt advertising creative and production services.

Find hidden sales opportunities

Identify high profit opportunities based on Stuart's years of successful leadership experience with a Marketing Plan Audit and/or advisory services.

Board, CEO, and management advisory services

Identify staff or organizational improvements needed

Stuart staff evaluation identifies personnel strengths and weaknesses.

Recruiting new staff

Stuart operation know-how and staffing experience coupled with our management recruiting affiliates provides best possible staff sourcing.

Interim C level  staffing

Stuart DM Advisory Services provides interim C level services.

Operation valuations; what is your company worth?

Stuart financial knowledge in tandem with affiliated investment banker specialists provides expert valuations and M&A services for direct response marketing operation.

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We engaged Stuart DM early this year for both Marketing Process and Marketing Plan audits.

Immediately, we started implementing changes in our basic catalog strategy with positive results. For our longer term growth strategy, new test initiatives are taking place which also look very positive. Last, we started using the Stuart RFM list selection system to mail less and create higher sales.

We recommend any direct marketer can benefit from Steve Stuart's experience and methods for producing profitable results.

Jarek Zaremba

Every once in a while you work with someone who has a true gift. Steve Stuart understands how to leverage information to create new opportunities for business growth. This is his gift.

How do I know this? Because I watched him do it. He also taught me how to deliver improved return on investment when I served in his start up of the Hunt-Craftmark business.

Practicing the methods of the marketing process audit, we grew the business from zero to over $6 Million in less than two years.

The system works and is scalable.

Paula (Cometto) Milan
DM company marketing head; DM agency President
 Managing Partner TruStar Creative

Working with Steve Stuart helped instill a discipline around measurement and incremental improvement in our marketing culture.


Steve’s techniques and mentoring of our marketing staff helped us consistently develop marketing programs with strong ROI.


Steve Stuart’s system helps transform the marketing budget from an expense into an investment fund that grows your business.

Chris Kivlehan

Vice President

Steve and I have known and worked with each other for over 30 years.

A better and more solidly grounded direct marketer will be hard to find.

Steve’s background spans a wide spectrum of industries, all of whom are direct marketers of one type or another.

I recommend his work strongly and would be happy to act as a reference.

Kurt Medina